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Our Pledge:

Our products are born from nature and we have an inherent desire to protect our natural environment. As such the environment is proudly embedded in our strategy and philosophy.
In April 2014, Terra became a verified member of Bord Bia's Origin Green, sustainability programme which further acknowledges our obligation and commitment to manufacture our products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Our Guarantee:

We willingly and actively comply with environmental legislation and regulatory requirements.

We will work in conjunction with our customers and suppliers, with the aim of minimising any impact that our production process has on the environment.

Progress to date:

In recent years, through innovative work process methods, harnessing internal expertise , and through solid financial investments, Terra achieved the following results per unit  produced:

  • 52% reduction in oil usage
  • 50% reduction in water usage
  • 86% reduction in waste sent to landfill
  • 59% reduction in electricity usage

In 2018, Terra invested in two major plant installations that will further reduce our carbon emissions through the use of solar energy and by installing state of the art heat pumps that further minimises the use of fossil fuels:

  • Following the installation of over 554 solar PV panels, we have set a target that 30% of Terra’s annual electricity usage is through solar power. As a result,our carbon emissions will reduce by circa 86,000 Kgs per year - That’s the equivalent of planting 3600 trees annually!

    See our Terra Solar farm video below.

    Also See the level of Solar Electricity that Terra is producing right now by clicking HERE
  • The installation of 2 Monobloc Mitsubishi heat pumps will further reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by a target of 50% due to modern and innovative water heating abilities. Due to innovative technology, our heat pumps produce to a COP of 2.6 which means that for every 1kw inputted we produce the equivalent of 2.6kw in output.

Commitments for future:

As a verified member of Origin Green, Terra is fully committed to achieving further sustainability results across the spectrum.

In 2019, the following projects are being undertaken:

  • Upgrade of a water recovery system capable of saving 0.5m litres of water per year

  • Installation of Smart Technology to ensure our Solar PV productions being maximised when the site is un-occupied e.g. Hot water Heating, fork truck charging at times when there is no demand.

  • Further work with our suppliers and customers to achieve sustainable goals.

For more information on the Bord Bia's Origin Green sustainability programme please see www.origingreen.ie.


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